Eli Reifman’s Emblaze Mobile launches touch-screen phone ELSE

The tough times that Emblaze chairman Eli Reifman is going through have not prevented the company from unveiling its first touch-screen product, First ELSE. The new model, with a Texas Instruments OMAP 3430 processor like the iPhone 3Gs and Nokia’s N900, has 3.5 inch screen, a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, and G3.5 communications.

The innovation in the new model, which has been over two years in development, is the Access Linux Platform 3.0 based touch interface. The user activates most functions with the right thumb, which is supposed to make working with the device more intuitive.

Like Apple, Nokia, Google, and RIM, Emblaze plans to open an applications store. "Telephones have developed considerably, in such a way as to impact our lives in various ways," says Amir Kupervas, CEO of Emblaze Mobile, now to be known as ELSE. "All the capabilities of the device are designed to work for the user in the best possible fashion. Good technology is technology that is not felt when we use it. Our telephone is designed to meet this standard. We hope that the First ELSE has a chance of becoming the device that changes the rules of the game in the world cell phone market." To see more of the Globes or to subscribe to the newspaper, go to http://www.globes-online.com.


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