GE Healthcare plans to manufacture high-tech medical imaging equipment in Russia

  • GE Healthcare in Russia agreed on strategic manufacturing partnership with Russia’s Medical Technologies Limited
  • GE Healthcare opens dedicated Training Center for Russian and CIS medical specialists
  • Announcements
    in line with GE’s global healthymagination strategy to help healthcare
    providers deliver better healthcare to more people at lower cost.

GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company  and a
leading Russian medical imaging manufacturer Medical Technologies
Limited (MTL), today announced a strategic partnership to manufacture
diagnostic imaging products in Russia, starting with GE Healthcare’s CT
BrightSpeedTM Elite system*, in line with GE’s
healthymagination strategy. The partnership will see Russia’s first
locally manufactured advanced 16-slice computed tomography (CT).

Healthcare’s first Russian localization project is aimed at bringing
accessible, innovative and modern healthcare technologies to support
government programs modernizing healthcare infrastructure for stroke,
oncology and emergency care. Consistent with GE’s global
healthymagination strategy, it will help Russian medical professionals
deliver better quality care to more people at lower cost.

this initiative, MTL, a leading Russian manufacturer specializing in
development and manufacturing of x-ray, mammography, and healthcare
information technology solutions, will, together with GE Healthcare,
localize, manufacture and distribute GE Healthcare diagnostic imaging
technologies in Russia.

Richard Di Benedetto, President &
CEO, GE Healthcare, EAGM (Eastern and Africa Growth Markets), said:
“This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting time for GE
Healthcare in Russia. We will be manufacturing modern products tailored
to local needs in order to bring high-tech, affordable and innovative
diagnostic imaging to benefit patients across Russia. This partnership
confirms our commitment to Russian healthcare and will also create new
jobs for the Russian medical technology industry.”

Dabagov, President, MTL, said: “We are proud to be working with a
world-leading healthcare technology company like GE Healthcare on the
localization of diagnostic imaging products, starting with GE
Healthcare’s CT BrightSpeed Elite system for manufacture in Russia.
MTL’s track record as a leading diagnostic imaging manufacturer in
Russia, combined with GE’s global technology excellence, means we have
a solid basis for localizing innovative GE Healthcare technologies to
help spread access to high-quality healthcare around Russia.”

Grischenko, General Manager Russia & CIS, GE Healthcare said: “"We
want to be in Russia for Russia, and we believe that by starting CT
manufacturing we can help bring better healthcare and address one of
the country’s top strategic priorities, the localization of high-tech
medical equipment manufacturing. It is the right move for Russia, for
healthcare professionals, and for the patients we are working for."

First manufacturer-led dedicated Training Center for healthcare professionals
Healthcare’s also announced the opening in Moscow of the ‘GE Healthcare
Academy’ that will provide access to technical knowledge and education
for a wide range of diagnostic imaging specialists in Moscow and the
Russian regions. In addition to delivering up to 100 training courses
at various levels every year, the GE Healthcare Academy will also host
conferences and seminars.

“New technologies in healthcare demand
new training for healthcare professionals if improvements are to be
sustainable in the long-term. The launch of this new training center is
a sign that a manufacturer is not only committed to supplying high-end
medical equipment to Russia, but also to building up local healthcare
capabilities and enabling Russian healthcare professionals to keep up
with the latest innovations,” said Academician Sergey Ternovoy, Head of
Radiology Department of Moscow Medical Academy.


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