MSI Wind U Series Netbook Awarded Excellent Product Award

MSI was the first in the industry to introduce 10" netbooks with its
Wind U Series. Now that 10" netbooks have gone mainstream worldwide,
MSI is responding to current market niche demands by launching the
latest in the U Series—the 12" notebook. Meanwhile, concrete proof of
MSI leading the industry in the innovative design of light, portable
laptops, the company’s Wind U115 Hybrid took home the Info Month
Excellent Product Award.

MSI’s Wind U100, the world’s first
10" netbook, launched last year, proved very popular all around the
world and has been nominated by more than 200 major media companies for
awards. And after beating out all other notebook computers and computer
system products to snatch the Computex Best Choice in Taipei this past
June, the Wind U115 Hybrid was awarded the biggest prize of the year in
Taiwan’s information technology industry—the Info Month Excellent
Product Award.

The unique Wind U115 Hybrid boasts longest lasting battery in the world
NB Director of Global marketing Sam Chern points out that the MSI Wind
U115 Hybrid is the world’s first netbook to incorporate a traditional
hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid state drive (SSD). These dual
storage devices coupled with MSI’s own innovative ECO power saving
technology give the Wind U115 Hybrid the longest battery power life on
the planet. "ECO on" temporarily removes the HDD from service, so
whether it’s saving or reading data, the SSD gives the Wind U115 as
much as 20 hours of battery time.

MSI Wind Series 12" notebooks—triggering a new market trend
continues to lead the way in laptop innovation. Its answer to market
demands for 12" notebooks is the Wind12 U200, which comes equipped with
Intel’s Ultra Thin CULV platform as well as the Wind12 U210 and U230,
which boast AMD’s latest power saving platform. Members of the MSI
Wind12 U Series tip the scales at a mere 1.4 kilograms and use the
newest 16:9 aspect ratio glittering crystal frameless screen, HDMI
(which allows easy connection with LCD TVs or other multimedia
devices), and high performance 3D picture processing capabilities to
maximize your visual enjoyment. Wind12s are characterized by
outstanding audio/video performance and environmentally friendly
power-sipping capabilities all in a highly portable package.

Wind U Series 10" netbook receives non-stop acclaim worldwide
Wind U Series continues to receive outstanding write-ups from media
around the globe and has received more than 200 awards, including Best
Buy in Netbooks, Best Value for Your Money in a Netbook, Best Netbook
Design, and Top Consumer Rated Netbook. Global sales have crested one
million and the brand name was one of the top four netbook brands in
the world over the last year.

To celebrate global sales of more
than one million MSI Wind U100 units, during the computer exhibition at
the next Info Month, MSI will be slashing prices on such models as the
Wind U100 Plus with Windows 7 starter. Interested individuals can come
bargain hunting at MSI’s booth which will be located at B1236 in the
World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 from 28 November-6 December.


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