Frbiz Evaluates Sony DVD Cinema Sound DZ870W, one of China’s leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, evaluates Sony DVD Cinema Sound DZ870W.

The Sony DAV-DZ870W includes four columnar speakers uniform in size, wall-floor placement can be used for the primary unit and rear surround-sound speakers. All exterior components are black with silver, and coupled with the long, slim size, it is easy to integrate the style into any home design.

The center speakers are very thin and can even be placed on top of flat-panel TVs or on the TV cupboard and will not take up much space.

DZ870 offers a built-in DVD player, digital power amplifier circuits, sound control system, AM/FM radio, USB playback systems, and a wireless transmission function. While the volume is no different from ordinary DVD disc players, the remote control design fits Sony’s style; the function is rich, and most of the operations do not need the on-screen information display to be completed.

DZ870 is equipped with S-AIR, so it can be placed virtually anywhere. It’s two transceivers are inserted through the slot host and surround amplifier, complete with automatic matching, which does not require any debugging and will work automatically. Of course, wireless surround-sound still needs an amplifier power supply and independent power switch, which allows users to easily control it. Even if the user forgets to turn off the system, and it receives no signal, the system will automatically enter standby mode.

Surround-sound amplifiers and the wiring card are concealed under the closed hood, which makes for a tidy appearance.

The surround-sound headphone jack on the amplifier has 5.1-channel auto-cut into 2-channel headphone outputs. Headphone cables can be directly inserted into the S-AIR Surround amplifier without the need for the host to connect to the home theatre, eliminating unnecessary cords.

DZ870W, as the latest generation of DVD theatre system ( ), has a mainframe equipped with HDMI output interface, which can output DVD, 480i video signal, 1080P formats, and can fully optimize images. If part of the digital functionality isn’t ideal with the independent AV amplifier, Sony’s ES series of high-end independent amplifiers also has a wide range of praise; a variety of environmental sound modes and night mode fully reflect this advantage.


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