European Commission objected on Philips competition rules in the CRT industry

As previously disclosed, Royal Philips Electronics has been involved in investigations for alleged violation of
competition rules in the Cathode-Ray Tubes, or CRT, industry. Philips
today announced it has received a statement of objections from the
European Commission on this matter.Philips will study the statement of objections in detail and will prepare its response.

policy is to conduct business in full compliance with all applicable
competition laws. Philips takes the investigations into possible
violations of these laws very seriously. The company intends to
continue assisting the regulatory authorities in these investigations.
Philips is not in a position to predict or comment on their outcome.

Information on this and other pending legal proceedings can be found in the contingent liabilities section of the latest annual report, issued February 23, 2009, updated as applicable in the semi-annual report issued on July 13, 2009.


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