Introduction SDXC format not popular

The introduction of the new format SDXC is going really bad. SDXC
format would be the successor of the current SD / SDHC format.

SD and SDHC are the most popular memory card formats, so it seemed
logical that the new format SDXC this success would take over. The new
SDXC has a capacity of 64GB to 2TB.

However, progress on the new format is selling well. This is also
partly because there is no cameras, camcorders and laptops with a SDXC
slot for sale and the cards also not found on the market.

The problem seems to lie mainly in that almost no SDXC-card readers  Because SDXC backwards compatible with SD and SDHC would be
no problem for a card reader with a SDXC slot to equip, the higher
costs ensure that only the manufacturers not to change. And while there
are no card readers, follow the rest of the market itself.

It seems that the JMicron chip SDXC great to introduce. JMicron is a
manufacturer of computer chips. The company has a SDXC chip-ready and
think it will sell well. The company also wants a standalone card
reader on the market. This card reader would get a USB 3.0 connection
to so cope with high speed cards still later.


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