Coladia announces Black Friday offer: Buy 2 games – Get 1 Free

Coladia today is delighted to announce a special Black Friday
promotion on their Mac Games. From Thursday 26th November to Saturday
28th November 2009, customers will receive a FREE game when they buy 2
games. The deal applies to following Mac games (available for download
on Coladia’s website):

The Secrets of Da Vinci:
Valdo, an ambitious young apprentice working for Leonardo Da Vinci’s
disciple, Francesco, is least happy when the scholar suddenly dismisses
him. However, shortly afterwards, he receives a letter from a
mysterious patron, asking him to locate one of the great master’s
missing codices.

Return to Mysterious Island:
In this first-person survival adventure, players will encounter
recognisable locations from the famous novel, including the granite
house, the volcano and the Nautilus. However, Return to Mysterious
Island goes beyond Jules Verne’s storytelling as players take on the
role of Mina, a courageous young woman on a solo round-the-world
sailing expedition.

Cleopatra: a Queen’s Destiny:
Alexandria in Egypt 48BC. The country is divided by civil war pitting
Cleopatra’s supporters against those of her brother and husband,
Ptolemy, who is ravaging the country. In this climate of terror,
Thomas, a young apprentice to Akkod, Cleopatra’s astrologist and
astronomist, falls in love with his master’s daughter. One day, in
horror, he discovers that both master and daughter have been kidnapped.

Destination: Treasure Island:
Four years have passed since the end of the adventure recounted in
Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel. Jim Hawkins has become an upstanding
adventurous young man, attentive to those around him. Imagine his
surprise when, one morning, he sees a parrot enter his bedroom window:
none other than Captain Flint, Long John’s own companion. The bird
brings him a message from his master.

Secret of the Lost Cavern:
In 15,000 B.C., strange symbols found while hunting remind Arok of an
encounter with a charismatic traveler a long time ago. In order for him
to find his long-forgotten friend, the most brilliant painter of
Prehistoric times, Arok begins a long and perilous journey.

Still Life 2:
Who is hiding behind Mr. X? Still Life 2 reveals the long-awaited
ending of Still Life and spells a new investigation for Agent Victoria

Language Support:

  • US English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

System Requirements:
All games are Universal applications and runs on Mac computers sporting Intel or PowerPC G5 processors.

Pricing and Availability:
Games costs $29.90 USD each, and with this special Black Friday offer,
customers can get 3 games for only $59.80 instead of $89.70 or a 33%
discount. All they have to add is to add the 3 games they want in the
cart, and the third will be automatically marked as free. Free demo
versions are available for download.

iPhone and iPod Touch
Coladia also released Secret of the Lost Cavern episode 1 for iPhone on
november 20th. The game costs only 0.99 cents for a few more days.


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