Get Ahead in IT job market with the new Microsoft Server 2008 Certifications

February 2008 saw Microsoft release Server 2008. However, only one distance IT training provider saw the importance of offering the new Microsoft Certifications. We asked John Hough, Training Manager at National IT Learning Centre, why he thinks they are the only provider to have changed their courses. “I’m amazed we are the only provider to have recognised the importance of offering Server 2008. We always investigate how relevant a new qualification would be for our students and it was clear that offering Server 2008 was essential.”

“It may not seem pertinent now, with most places still working with 2003, but as companies start looking to replace equipment with the new 2008 product, they will need staff with the relevant knowledge. We take getting our students prepared for the IT job market really seriously and those with the new 2008 certifications will stand out head and shoulders above those without”.

He continued “It was essential to add all the new qualifications to our courses as they have reciprocal benefits. You will never be able to take full advantage of Server 2008 or Windows 7 unless they are studied together”.

So, it seems that adding 2008 has had a knock on effect in keeping National IT Learning Centre and  their students ahead of the competition, allowing them to add Windows 7 to their portfolio of courses. Moreover, since research by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and KPMG has shown that the number of IT jobs on offer is increasing, it seems strange that they are still the only provider offering what is a necessity for the future job market.


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