Zertificon Launches Z1 SecureMail for Greater B2B E-mail Security

Zertificon Solutions GmbH (www.zertificon.com), the provider of professional e-mail encryption solutions, is set to release new versions of its products. The business specialises in particular in e-mail security, encryption and signatures. Its "Z1 SecureMail" family guarantees data protection and confidentiality with regard to sensitive business information transmitted via the Internet. Zertificon now launches its new releases before the end of the year. Significant new features include compatibility with Debian Linux 5.0, the new preferred platform, as well as the default supply of 64-bit versions.

The new versions of the appliance-based Zertificon products will be available from the beginning of December. The "Z1 SecureMail Gateway 4.1" is a proxy server for e-mail encryption and signatures with S/MIME and OpenPGP as well as powerful certificate and policy administration. The "Z1 SecureMail Messenger", which enables secure password-based communication via HTTPS messaging or encrypted PDF, has also been optimised in version 2.6. Zertificon is also introducing the "Z1 Backbone CertServer 2.3" to the market, which enables central management of certificates for PKI-supported security applications.

Security, scalability and performance in focus A key new feature in all Z1 SecureMail and Backbone products is the support provided for the Debian Linux 5.0 operating system. Furthermore, all products and Z1 appliances will all be configured as 64-bit software and will by default also be run on 64-bit versions of the supported Debian Linux and SUN Solaris operating systems. The updating of existing Zertificon solutions to comply with the new Debian 5.0 platform will be automatically possible in the Z1 Appliance Management GUI from January with a simple click of a button. Conversion to 64-bit operation is also possible for existing systems.

Major benefits of the product updates include significant improvements in performance, security and scalability. These are primarily the result of the operating system and software innovations as well as the use of the latest technologies, such as 64-bit kernels, modules, drivers and 3rd Party Tools (Java VM, Postfix, Postgres, Tomcat, OpenSSL and GnuPG etc.).

In addition to the platform upgrade, the new software versions also include new functionality and optimisation. For example, an easy to use graphic licence management tool has been integrated into the admin interface of the centrally administered "Z1 SecureMail Gateway".


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