Red Branch Technologies Targets Multi-Billion Dollar Wireless Sensor Market

Red Branch Technologies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: RBTI) announced today it is focusing efforts on the multi-billion dollar wireless sensor market due to the highly effective sustainable power solutions the company offers. As identified by Jeff Sirianni, CEO of Red Branch Technologies, Inc., the sensor market is a significant part of the company’s growth strategy mainly due to the market being constrained due to lack of battery life along with the prohibitive costs of changing a battery on a frequent basis.

Based on Red Branch Technologies sustainable power solutions where energy is deployed on an extended basis, Sirianni believes the sensor market could hold great upside for his company. "To be able to bring wireless energy to the market and overcome a number of considerable hurdles which have held many back from delivering the kind of services we now offer is a huge plus for Red Branch Technologies." Sirianni pointed out the sensor market fits perfectly with what Red Branch has already outlined as part of the execution of its new business model. He was quick to point out there are numerous major global corporations focused on the sensor space such as Intel, Cisco, Honeywell and GE among others.

"The sensor market is certainly one where we have great confidence in being able to generate revenues, grow profits, build our company and increase shareholder value," said Sirianni. "We are currently looking into ways on how to best implement our solutions in order to maximize their value." About Red Branch Technologies, Inc.: Red Branch Technologies provides sustainable-energy-powered solutions meeting commercial, industrial, municipal and federal requirements for site security, materials control, emergency communications, water purification and similar on-site applications. The company’s ability to simultaneously manage multiple renewable energy sources allows Red Branch Technologies powered solutions to stay up and running longer than the competition. Mobility is another differentiating aspect of Red Branch Technologies’ solutions.

The company also offers a unique set of security products for military and law enforcement applications where cost/performance represents a critical selection factor. The application areas include Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) robots, vehicular inspection and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).


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