Adobe CS5 and graphics coprocessor acceleration for video

The video expert Dennis Radeke Adobe gave some details about using the graphics card as a co-processor in video applications for next CS5,
After Effects and Premiere Pro. We already know that these two
applications will move to 64-bit Mac, which promises improved
performance. More importantly, they will take advantage of graphics hardware our computers to assist the processor in computing tasks heaviest. Especially the massively parallel an area where the graphics required.

For Adobe, "Technologies like OpenCL are exciting, but new". Dennis notes that some new features are NVIDIA-only right now and
points out, "Given a choice between doing it with CUDA or not doing it
for a while [while waiting for] OpenCL, we chose the former.".
This does not mean that Adobe will adopt the technology NVIDIA
unchanged in its products, because as noted by John Nack, Adobe is that
the Creative Suite behaves the same on all platforms, regardless of the
graphics chip Integrated, Intel, AMD / ATI or NVIDIA.

It seems that it is oriented towards short-term integration from above
by small strokes and with house solutions, while waiting to join the
cGPU in the heart of the suite of advanced technologies such as OpenCL .


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