RAEC Informs of a Wide-Scale Antispam Campaign and #1 Spammer in the World

Experts estimate that the lion’s share of spam market players have provided service for such pharmaceutical resources as Glavmed.com which sells counterfeit goods, including counterfeit Viagra. As of November 15, 2009, this affiliate programme tops Spamhaus list under the name of Canadian Pharmacy (Glavmed.com), #1 spammer in the world.

With regard to the trans-frontier nature of cyber-crime RAEC urges the international community to synchronize activities aimed at spam prevention. The clampdown on spam in the Russian Internet (RuNet) will most likely result in spammers moving their servers to other countries. This assumption is confirmed by the fact that SPAMDOT.BIZ (Glavmed.com) has physically moved its server to Germany (spamdot.INFO, spamdot.ORG) after it has been closed down in Russia.

Taking this into account, RAEC proposes that the international community join efforts in the relevant direction and parties concerned set up a meeting to exchange experience and work out a sequence of united actions to prevent spam. We are certain that a united effort will significantly limit – if not eliminate – the activities of global cyber-criminals with more resources added to the list of such closed websites, as SPAMDOT.BIZ, 3FN, McColo, Mega-D/Ozdok.

On its part, RAEC will not lessen its own activity in this direction.

In particular, RAEC is carrying out a complex research to analyze the situation and identify the players of the spam market. The research will contain a set of anti-spam measures, most likely in the form of a package of proposals, recommendations and regulations for market participants and Internet users. Recommendations to prevent spam in Russia will also be offered to the Government, and mechanisms of interagency cooperation will be developed. On top of that, principles of spam prevention will be reflected in the professional ethic code that RAEC has been developing for participants of the electronic communications market.


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