Wheelspin starts rolling on Wii in Europe

The driving title from Bethesda Softworks arrives in Europe for Nintendo’s .

Europe Ltd. announced that Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media
company, has launched wheelspin for Wii across Europe. Wheelspin is a
futuristic racing game developed by the study of Archer Maclean,
Awesome Play. This is a very impressive speed game set in a wide
variety of tracks interplanetary and has three game modes and

Wheelspin offers players the chance to play solo
at a competition or battle mode. The solo mode lets you compete to
improve your times and unlock stages, finding shortcuts and find the
secret keys arranged for all levels. Career mode takes you to a frantic
race against seven other cars at circuits that rotate, twist and throw
the car into the stratosphere. Battle mode is a challenge of
"aggression against mobility" while deploying the arsenal of weapons at
your disposal in battle of all against all.

Wheelspin also
has career modes and split-screen multiplayer battles that will compete
for up to eight players simultaneously. The game accepts all types of
controls: the Wii Remote, Classic Controller, the nunchuck, the classic
Nintendo GameCube controllers as well as flyers with force feedback.


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