MicroStrategy Reporting Suite for interface to Microsoft Analysis Services

MicroStrategy Incorporated  a leading worldwide
provider of business intelligence (BI) software announced that
its free reporting software package, MicroStrategy Reporting Suite,
provides a seamless interface to MicrosoftAnalysis Services.
Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) provides online
analytical processing and data mining functionality for business
intelligence applications.

MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is an easy-to-use reporting and
analysis tool that allows business users to interface with SSAS data,
enabling basic and advanced analysis, ad hoc reporting, and data
visualization. MicroStrategy’s free reporting software package is
well-suited for small to mid-sized businesses, as well as departments
in any size organization that need an integrated, self-service BI
solution for Microsoft SSAS.

“Our customers have benefited from the tight integration
between MicroStrategy and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services,” said
Darren Edery, CEO, Adastra Canada. “We’re excited to see this
capability included in the free MicroStrategy Reporting Suite, allowing
companies to employ a best-in-class business user interface and an
integrated platform for enhanced BI management against existing
investments in Microsoft Analysis Services. Across every industry in
which we operate, from financial services to retail to the public
sector, we can see the value of this offering.”

MicroStrategy Reporting Suite provides Web-based reporting of
Microsoft SSAS data for up to 100 users, at no charge. Free online
training, free online support, and other free resources are available
to help ensure rapid development and deployment. Business users can
download the free software at
http://www.microstrategy.com/freereportingsoftware/ssas and begin
building their reporting applications, all in the same day.

“Leveraging existing investments and harvesting business
insights from enterprise data via reporting and business intelligence
is a top priority for business and IT,” said Mark Smith, CEO and EVP
Research, Ventana Research. “MicroStrategy continues to help
organizations maximize investments and provide robust reporting in a
very cost effective and straightforward offering with MicroStrategy
Reporting Suite on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.”

Some of the capabilities available from using MicroStrategy Reporting Suite with Microsoft SSAS include:

  • Build reports and performance scorecards against SQL Server Analysis Services data
  • Report, analyze, and monitor SSAS data via intuitive Web-based interface
  • Visualize data using graphs and performance scorecards
  • Create rankings and time-based comparisons
  • Perform business calculations and build advanced analytics against SSAS data
  • Schedule reports to run to a personalized history list
  • Export to Microsoft Excel and PDF

“In our use of MicroStrategy software to analyze and report on data
within Microsoft Analysis Services, we’re able to drive critical
business performance improvements,” said Javier Aldrete, Director of
Product Management, Zilliant. “As a free package with core components
of the MicroStrategy 9 platform, MicroStrategy Reporting Suite presents
the opportunity for organizations to provide business users with
interactive reporting via an intuitive Web-based interface.”

“The integration of MicroStrategy Reporting Suite with
Microsoft Analysis Services enables business users to leverage
actionable information easily from Microsoft SQL Server relational and
cube data sources,” said MicroStrategy COO Sanju Bansal. “MicroStrategy
Reporting Suite extends Microsoft SSAS data analysis to all users,
empowering them to readily discover trends and anomalies in convenient
Web-based reports.”


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