Idendego launches new Security Safeguard System

Idendego Inc., a developer of advanced digital security protection software and services, today announced the forthcoming release of its ground-breaking personal safety system designed to protect children and young adults against predators, cyberbullies, and related online threats.

Idendego began laying the foundation for this new system more than five years ago, engineering a line of highly sophisticated digital software products. Idendego’s new system offerings are the logical next step extension to those core products, and are designed for use with phone, email, instant messaging, and social networking sites.

"Security, privacy, and safety come first and foremost in the entire Idendego product line", says Idendego CEO Alena Pastuch. "Our new system delivers a world class security-focused service which establishes a parental-controlled gateway for their children’s electronic communications."

The highly-sophisticated software and service system is currently undergoing rigorous final testing and quality control, as Idendego prepares for market launch in January 2010.


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