BAM Radio Opens Network Partner Channels to Sponsors

Today BAM Radio Network, the education station online, announced the opening of its partner network to sponsors seeking to reach buyers of education-related products and services. Marketers are being offered a menu of opportunities to underwrite highly targeted programs on the network which currently reaches 450,000 teachers, educators, principals, administrators, childcare providers, school nurses and school business officials. Program sponsorship options now exist for seven association channels including NASN Radio, ASBO Radio, NHSA Radio, NAESP Radio, NAFCC Radio, NASSP Radio and IRA Radio.

The network offers a total of 20 channels of "on-demand" education programming, which are streamed online, podcasted and distributed via email to subscribers. The opening of the new channels offers marketers a highly targeted way of engaging educators, administrators and school officials with meaningful content while providing a platform to maintain brand visibility, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

"We are delighted to work with our network partners to offer these new opportunities to companies serving the education community. Opening these increasingly popular channels allows associations to expand their value to education marketers and keep pace with their growing demand for engaging new media and social media solutions," said Holly Hagler, VP of business development, BAM Radio Network. "On the other side of the equation, the channels provide marketers with new touch points to reach customers, sustain current customer loyalty and protect market share."

About BAM Radio Network

The BAM Radio Network is an online, education-focused, radio network for parents, teachers, administrators, advocates, journalists, legislators and all people interested in education-related topics. Created by leading early childhood experts, and originally launched as a channel for parents, the programming quickly became a popular resource among teachers and educators and was expanded to include an Educators’ Channel. A third channel for directors and administrators was soon developed, which became the catalyst for the Education 360 Channel, and expanded the team of program hosts to include diverse voices and insights from the leading advocates in the fields of child development and education. The network is a joint venture between privately held New Hampshire-based Moving & Learning and Los Angeles-based Jackstreet Media Ventures LLC. The programming is produced by Emmy-winning broadcaster Errol St. Clair Smith and distributed through the Affiliate Nanocasting Network.


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