BioWare will develop more game for the PS3

Following the positive experience with the PlayStation 3 version of
Dragon Age: Origins BioWare has decided to own more games to go and
developing for the console.

"We think that ps3 is one of the main
platforms, so we are naturally present on the PlayStation 3, "said Greg
Zeschuk, BioWare boss. when asked
whether they themselves are going to develop for the PlayStation 3."
I can certainly say
that Dragon Age and other future things certainly come to the
PlayStation 3. It was great to see how Dragon Age: Origins was
developed and how we became familiar with the PlayStation 3 and
understood. Each platform is different, but I think we are in the
position that future PS3 will be very solid stuff. "

Mass Effect 2 is announced for the PC and the Xbox 360, so was asked if
the game on January 29 might also on the PlayStation 3 will come out.
This question has been avoided in a comical way. Dragon Age: Origins was originally developed for the PC. BioWare wanted
to make sure that the console versions very similar to the PC version
seemed. They have the same appearance as much as possible and left only
the interface to set a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard.


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