Worldwide Windows VPS Hosting Just Got Easier With Free Dotnetpanel and SimpleDNS Hosting

UltimaHosts.Net combines Dotnetpanel management and SimpleDNS redundant services on all of their Windows VPS Hosting plans. Getting your website online in UltimaHosts.Net 5 worldwide locations is now only one click away!

Windows VPS Hosting is one of the fastest growing sectors of the hosting market with the release of Windows 2008 using both Hyper-V and Virtuozzo 4.5. Now Ultima Hosts LLC makes Windows VPS Hosting easier to use in its 5 worldwide locations.

"We are now combining our 2 best Windows Hosting products to make a killer Windows VPS Hosting plan which is in high demand", comments CEO Michael Taylor.


See the new Windows VPS Hosting Plans with Dotnetpanel and SimpleDNS here:

Worldwide Windows VPS Hosting With Dotnetpanel

UltimaHosts.Net makes Windows VPS Hosting even more attractive by combining the ease of Dotnetpanel with their Windows VPS Hosting plans. Dotnetpanel makes Windows VPS Hosting easy with one click website, email, MSSQL and DNS hosting.

Game Changer:

UltimaHosts.Net recently signed a new deal with Dotnetpanel (SMB SAAS Systems INC) to provide a new solution, which looks like it will be a game changer in the Windows VPS market.

Location, Location, Location:

UltimaHosts.Net gives its clients an incredible choice of location from Dallas, London, Toronto, Nuremberg and Melbourne and plan to expand our footprint into Singapore, Hong Kong and Brisbane in 2010.

Hyper-V or Virtuozzo 4.5?

Windows VPS Hosting provides unparalleled levels of freedom, performance and stability using both Hyper-V and Virtuozzo. Read more about the difference between Hyper-V and Virtuozzo here:

What’s the difference between Hyper-V and Virtuozzo?

Now with Dotnetpanel and SimpleDNS hosting it also adds ease of use.

Read more about Dotnetpanel Hosting

There has never been a better time to get a Windows VPS with the release of Hyper-V and Virtuozzo 4.5. Now it’s also never been easier with the combination of Dotnetpanel management and SimpleDNS redundancy that UltimaHosts.Net are now offering.


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