Azinta APADO Business Agility Platform Integrates 6 Agile Technologies into a Single Software Platform

The Azinta Business Agility Platform integrates BPM, Business Rules, Complex Event Processing, Predictive Analytics, Constraint Optimisation and SOA into a single design, composition and execution software platform. Typically businesses have tended to concentrate on using just one or two agile technologies (such as BPM or Predictive Analytics). However in today’s challenging business environment this is no longer viable. APADO delivers Six Levers of Business Agility and is based on the integration of over 12 enterprise proven open source projects.

Azinta Systems (UK based software and systems company), has just released the APADO Business Agility Platform. APADO is a software platform that integrates 6 agile technologies (BPM, Business Rules, CEP, Predictive Analytics, Constraint Optimisation and SOA) to provide 6 levers of business agility within a single design, composition and execution platform.

APADO is based on the integration of over 12 enterprise-proven open source projects. Building on these projects Azinta is developing a range of pre-defined executable process models, component templates, DSL wizards, Accelerator Design and Composition packs to make it easier to design and integrate these projects.

The APADO Platform 1.0 is initially released as a product and consultancy offering. Subsequent releases in 2010 will be product only.

Azinta has defined BPM, Business Rules, CEP, Predictive Analytics, Constraint Optimisation and SOA as the "Six Levers of Business Agility" because these 6 technologies have a proven track record in increasing business performance, profitability and agility. A breakdown of the components within APADO can be found at A technical white paper on the APADO Platform can be downloaded from

Suleiman Shehu, the CEO and Founder of Azinta Systems said, "In the past companies seeking to gain business agility concentrated on the use one or two agile technologies such as BPM or Predictive Analytics. However the ever increasing competitive corporate landscape means that this approach is no longer viable"

Mr Shehu went on to say "What is required is the ability to integrate multiple agile technologies resulting in increased profitability by optimising operational business decisions"

To help directors and managers understand the value of using multiple agile technologies within their business operations, Suleiman Shehu has started a new blog called SME Director which can be found at

Traditionally the SMEs could not afford to implement the required agile technologies due to the expensive prices of commercial software, technologies and skilled resources. Furthermore, today, even large companies have budget constraints on IT projects and would welcome affordable IT products and tooling. The APADO Platform supports this need, from both the SME and large companies, by providing a number of innovative pricing plans including annual subscriptions and gain-sharing.

Azinta is looking to partner with boutique management and IT consultancy companies worldwide who would like consider using the APADO Platform to provide their clients with additional powerful and innovative agile business solutions. Suleiman can be contacted at suleiman.shehu at azinta dot com


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