Nokia Siemens Networks pursues applications, partnerships in energy sector

Nokia Siemens Networks is using its existing portfolio combined with new partnerships to address opportunities in the energy sector. An increased focus on environmental responsibility, demand for renewable energy, intelligent power grids, and smart meters, all require expertise and technology the company already applies for telecoms operators.

Sustainable energy generation and the liberalization of energy markets is opening up new opportunities in the energy sector. Areas expected to grow in the next decade include renewable energy generation, the transformation of up to a hundred year old power grids into intelligent smart grids, and managing user demand and consumption via smart metering.

“When you look at what is required to manage power grids, or to make full use of unpredictable renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, as well as bringing greater transparency and flexibility to billing, the synergies with the core of our existing telecoms business is obvious,” said Juhani Hintikka, Head of Operations and Business Software, Nokia Siemens Networks. “While our research and development remains focused on communication service providers, we will look to exploit opportunities where we can create clear value for our customers by entering new growing markets with our current products and services.”

Nokia Siemens Networks aims to apply its existing charging, mediation, service management and network management solutions, and to work with third parties, to exploit opportunities in the intelligent energy market. The company’s business serving the energy sector will form part of its new Business Solutions organization from January 1, 2010.

Nokia Siemens Networks has today announced its collaboration with software company ServusNet, to help wind power operators optimize power generation and delivery. ServusNet is using Nokia Siemens Networks Open Element Management System (EMS) Suite, a software platform for both utility and telecommunications network management across different technologies and vendors.

As an example of the opportunity for smart grids, a SMART 2020 report from the Climate Group estimated that energy losses in India could be reduced by 30% through improved grid monitoring and management. Nokia Siemens Networks expertise in dealing with huge volumes of data in real time, the automation of user processes and instant changes in network configuration can be directly applied to power grids. For example, the flexibility and scalability make the Open EMS Suite an ideal software platform for the energy sector.

With the introduction of smart metering, the measurement of energy consumption in real time can be used to balance peak hour loads and make better use of off-peak supplies, as well as offering more varied tariff structures. Nokia Siemens Networks smart metering solution is based on its charge@once software, already serving more than 500 million telecoms subscribers around the world.



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