aHandSoft launches first Social Group Oriented iPhone application

aHandSoft, Inc. releases its first Apple iPhone application the "Santa Naughty Nice Detector" in time for the Holiday Season. This app celebrates the traditions, stories and lore of Santa checking his gift-giving list to see who is naughty and who is nice as a fun and entertaining, interactive social app.

The Santa Naughty Nice Detector user presents the app to another person next to the iPhone user; the user shakes the iPhone to "detect" if someone or something is "Very Naughty", "Naughty", "Cheerful", "Nice" or "Very Nice." This can have use as a joke in a social setting or used as an icebreaker in a public gathering. Santa’s voice is also present to announce the result. The app has user adjustable settings to alter the "probability of Naughty to Nice" and the level of device interaction. Digital artist and filmmaker B. J. West of San Francisco, CA created the application artwork and voices. B. J. describes the Santa Naughty Nice Detector as "traditional, fun, whimsical and flirty."

aHandSoft Inc. Marketing Director Corey Friccero says the Santa Naught Nice Detector is "The first of many ‘Apps for Friends’ products we will be introducing during the Holiday Season and into 2010." Corey further emphasizes, "There is an entire generation of people that have grown up with mobile devices and making the use of apps in a social environment is no leap at all. Friends check out each other’s mobiles devices all the time so we are making applications that take this group dynamic into consideration. This can be a great way to promote apps not to mention the platform that these apps run on."

According to Steve Sabram, founder of aHandSoft, "Extensive research has been done on the how people use mobile applications over the past decade. A very interesting trend is showing that more and more people are sharing use their mobile applications with each other in a social setting." Steve further stated, "Almost all mobile applications have been designed with a one user to one mobile device paradigm. We are creating applications that not just involve the user of the mobile device but also others in physical proximity of the user to create a positive and social experience." Finally, Steve concludes with, "We are launching the Santa Naughty Nice Detector as a fun and playful way to introduce this ‘Apps for Friends’ concept to the broad public."

The Santa Naughty Nice Detector, using the search words "Santa Naughty Nice," shows the app on the Apple iPhone store. The specific Application Apple ID is 340065877 and has a rating for ages "4+."



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