Social Whale launches Next Generation of Social Networking

Greek startup Social Whale today announced extended functionality for their social network application.

SocialWhale is a Web 2.0 application which offers advanced features for todays generation of social network users. After developing a ground breaking advanced Twitter client which allows users greater control over their Tweets, Social Whale have launched additional features which integrate a much wider range of social networks into the core application.

"As a heavy social network user I find many of the limitations very frustrating," says Social Whale CEO and Lead Developer Nick Papanotas.

"Our latest round of updates will allow people to update information across multiple social websites from once place. In practise this will mean you can very quickly apply status updates to websites such as FaceBook, MySpace, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, Identica and Twitter."

The latest features also allow you to view status updates from the largest social networks as well as change them. This will help keep the latest information easily accessible, again from a single screen.

Todays Internet users demand an easy to use interface and a clean simple layout,and this is especially important when accessing web content from a mobile device. Social Whale streamlines the process of managing social network accounts using Betavine. Betavine is the latest mobile and web development technology from Vodafone, supported and extended by the Open Source community.

As new social networks spring up and existing ones continue to enjoy strong growth, users will require more and more tools to help them deal with managing their information. Social networking has become a staple of modern culture with an estimated 80% of the USAs Online Population visiting at least one Social Networking site every month during 2009. Perhaps surprisingly the largest demographic growth is adults aged 35 and older. (source Forrester)

SocialWhale have recently been announced as a finalist for Europes Start Up 2.0 Contest. This contest is held annually in Bilbao, Spain to recognise and reward the best Web 2.0 projects in Europe.


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