A Pittsburgh technology company with a global impact announces its new website launch

In an effort to reflect their commitment to client satisfaction, the company has launched a new website with some significant changes.

The company’s CEO, Eric Zurlo, wanted a website design that would more accurately reflect the way business is done, with simple solutions for complex problems. Partners and prospective clients will notice the streamlined style as well as the ease of navigability.

Mr. Zurlo’s business philosophy is simple. “4uTech speaks to the human side of technology. After all, technologies are created and developed to simplify our lives, not to complicate them.” The new website is designed to reflect the company’s dedication to the human side of interacting with these technologies.

The new web design includes a simplified menu of services with detailed and understandable descriptions of each. This feature allows the client to choose exactly what they need, without paying for services that they don’t. Innovative services like HealthCheck4u provide the client with a full health screening of their systems. The purpose of this is to ensure the client that their technologies systems are functioning at an optimum level and at peak performance.

Current partners will notice the addition of new services and products, including Sync4u, a data synchronization software application that harmonizes contacts and reference data within Service Desk. The release of this revolutionary program will successfully eliminate errors and decrease the labor intensity of previous methods. Sync4u also eliminates the need to load data into Service Desk.

The lines of communication are always kept open for clients of 4uTech. In fact, the company refers to its clients as business partners. This philosophy emphasizes the strong relationship that 4uTech builds with customers. The “News” section of the website allows clients to keep up to date with new services and breakthroughs in technology.

The straightforward and personal environment of the website reflects the company’s engagement practices. Mr. Zurlo explains that 4uTech strives to form a trusting and enduring relationship with its business partners. This ideal picks up where a lot of technology companies fall short: relationship building.

“Too many technology websites and companies seem cold and sterile,” says Mr. Zurlo. 4uTech challenges the stereotypes that many people associate with tech companies. Whether the client is located down the street in Pittsburgh or across the globe, they will receive personalized consulting and mentoring. 4uTech provides clients with the tools and education they need to be in control of their own technology systems.


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