Virage Logic Announces Sonic Focus Adaptive Volume audio volume normalizing software

Virage Logic Corporation (NASDAQ:VIRL), the semiconductor industry’s trusted IP partner, today announced the availability of its new Sonic Focus Adaptive Volume audio volume normalizing software. Adaptive Volume normalizes audio levels of movies and music to reduce the need for frequent volume adjustments by the consumer and thereby enhances audio performance in consumer electronics. It has already been licensed for use in PCs, Phone Applications and USB peripherals.

Unlike other normalization techniques, Virage Logic’s Sonic Focus Adaptive Volume employs a predictive algorithm based on human perception of loudness. Adaptive Volume seamlessly adjusts the audio level when switching among DTV programs, movies, music and voice, both reducing uncomfortable loudness and boosting soft audio content. For example, Adaptive Volume detects and corrects any volume fluctuation between a digital television (DTV) program and a commercial advertisement. Adaptive Volume also adjusts PC audio when a user transitions from a VoIP call to watching internet based content, a DVD or Blu-ray movie or listening to music.

Consumer electronics manufacturers can implement Adaptive Volume with the full range of Virage Logic’s Sonic Focus audio enrichment products to shorten time-to-market and time-to-volume of products that give consumers unsurpassed audio enjoyment. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can also benefit from using the Sonic Focus product mastering tools and audio enrichment IP provided by Virage Logic. These unique tools allow companies to customize audio quality and the magnitude of the volume normalizing effect, thus optimizing the whole audio chain, including audio transducers, speaker cavity and industrial design. This entire tool set provides companies with the ability to produce the very best audio quality and consumer experience in end products such as DTV and PCs.

"Consumers have been challenged by volume level changes for some time, especially with devices that access content on the internet. We see a clear need in the market for a solution that not only smoothes out audio volume levels, regardless of the source of the materials, but also does not crush the audio dynamics inherent in the content," said Michael Franzi, vice president and general manager of Virage Logic’s Sonic Focus Group. "Consumer electronics device manufacturers will now be able to easily integrate Adaptive Volume audio IP into multimedia products such as all-in-one PCs, laptops, DTVs, mobile devices and game consoles to differentiate their products and provide consumers a more pleasant and natural listening experience." To hear a live demonstration of Sonic Focus Adaptive Volume and other audio enrichment or ARC® Sound Processor solutions, visit Virage Logic in the Venetian Tower (Suite #30-224), at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES (NewsAlert)) in Las Vegas on January 7-10, 2010. Contact your Virage Logic representative to schedule an appointment.

About Virage Logic’s Sonic Focus Audio IP Solutions Adaptive Volume is the newest offering in Virage Logic’s Sonic Focus portfolio of Audio IP solutions. It joins Virtual Bass™ which significantly enhances the bass response of speakers that have limited ability to produce bass without compromising voice integrity or detail; Adaptive Dynamics™ which helps restore clarity and fidelity of compressed audio in today’s music, movies, and games; Extrapolator™ which expands stereo audio to a lifelike multi-channel sound stage using advanced physical modeling techniques; and X-Matrix™ which creates a surround-sound environment on stereo speakers or headphones for a truly enjoyable movie or concert experience.

Availability Along with the other Virage Logic Sonic Focus audio enrichment technologies, Adaptive Volume is available for PCs (Vista and Windows 7 OS) and a number of embedded processors, such as Virage Logic’s ARC® AS 211SFX. Please visit for more information on Adaptive Volume, ARC Sound Processors and the complete portfolio of Virage Logic’s high performance, low power ARC processor solutions.


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