WHQL tests:NVidia fails while Catalyst gets certified!

All of ATI’s nine drivers introduced in 2004 are WHQL and all of their drivers will remain WHQL certified. Nvidia facts are not so bright, they had four partially WHQL while their latest publicly available 61.77 is not WHQL at all.

Our snitch sent us complete report on WHQL test finished at Nvidiai Geforce 5950 card with 61.77. they are failing each and part of WHQL test. They are failing in all fourteen tests including, D3Dlines, Multisampling, Non power 2 conditional RenderTarget, Pixel Shader Precision, Pixel Shader Ver. 1.1, Pixel Shader Ver. 1.2, Pixel Shader Ver. 1.3, Pixel Shader Ver. 1.4, Pixel Shader Ver. 2.0, Point Sprites, Texture address, Texture stage, Update surface and YUV Bit test.

News source: TheInquirer


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