LogLogic introduces LogLogic ST2020 SAN

LogLogic, the leader in log and security management solutions, today announced general availability in mid-December of the LogLogic ST2020 SAN, a high-performance logging appliance solution that connects directly to enterprise-class Fibre Channel SAN environments, and delivers world-calls performance in a small form factor.

“The LogLogic ST2020 SAN was developed for customers at large enterprises that have consolidated their storage requirements into a central SAN architecture and want a high-performance logging solution,” said Bill Roth, chief marketing officer at LogLogic. “No other solution on the market provides customers with the sustained data transfer rates of the LogLogic ST2020 SAN. We designed it for the most demanding customers.”

The LogLogic ST2020 SAN boasts many enterprise-critical features, including:

  • Fastest sustained data rates in the industry, up to 150,000 messages per second;
  • Dual quad core CPUs and 12GB RAM;
  • Easy deployment with intuitive GUI lets administrators be up and running in minutes with a comprehensive logging system on the organization’s SAN; and
  • Optional support for local storage on 2TB mirrored drives.

LogLogic’s line of ST appliances is typically deployed for long-term archival applications. The LogLogic ST2020 SAN lets customers connect directly to their existing Fibre Channel SAN for log storage, instead of adding storage directly to the logging appliance or connecting through a gateway to an additional storage system. It is designed for log management in environments where dealing with large data volumes is an issue.


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