Vamosa CM Version 3.0 Lanuched

Vamosa, a provider of software and solutions for Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG), today launched Version 3.0 of Vamosa Content Migrator (CM), its enterprise solution for automated web and document content migration. The latest version transforms the way in which companies build and run high volume, enterprise-wide migration projects, accelerating migration speed and performance by up to 80 percent against alternative approaches.

Vamosa CM Version 3.0 includes an enhanced policy engine to quickly articulate and define policies for migration, eliminating the need for traditional, manual methods which contribute to the bulk of migration project costs. By automating the policy definition process, customers not only benefit from faster overall migration, but also the ability to build content quality into the migration process, supporting the strategy of Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG).

"With increasing requirements to add extensions to existing content and cope with governance requirements, the need for a high volume processing engine has never been greater,"said Nic Archer, Senior Vice President, Products, Vamosa. "Our library of over two hundred migration functions means our customers are highly productive from the outset." Vamosa CM automates the process of transforming all original source Web site and document content to the target repository while checking that all migrated content complies with the policies of the client. Offered optionally as a ‘Software-as-a-Service’, hosted application, Vamosa CM Version 3.0 processes huge volumes of content in minimal time without ‘on-premise’ installation or investment in expensive hardware. Version 3.0 draws on Vamosa’s heritage in large-scale migration – 100s of international companies and government departments have used Vamosa products and services for ECMS migrations.

Archer continued,"Improving Vamosa Content Migrator’s ease of use by adding a new graphical user interface allows us to offer easier deployment, whether this is to our installed customer base, or to our partners, since there is no need for any software to be installed at the customer’s site. Customers who want to move to new content management systems, upgrade, or simply clean up their existing system, always find that migration can be a lengthy and costly process. With Version 3.0, Vamosa is continuing its strategy of offering customers a quicker return on their CMS investment by ensuring that the challenge of analyzing, enhancing and standardizing content prior to migration is properly addressed. And with the recently launched Vamosa Check and Fix, we ensure that content quality is maintained after deployment in accordance with the same policies implemented at the time of migration." This latest version has been graphically enhanced and is available for the first time as a completely hosted application allowing Vamosa channel partners to readily deliver Vamosa CM to their customers while reducing the setup time for a migration project.

Availability and Licensing Vamosa CM 3.0 GUI is now Web-based and available immediately to customers on a subscription basis or can be installed at the customer’s site giving maximum choice and flexibility for deployment. Vamosa offers both monthly usage licensing and perpetual licenses.


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