Landho Releases iWindow New York for iPhone

Land Ho Co., Ltd. releases "iWindow New York" which turns your iPhone into a virtual webcam simulator and enjoy a scenic view of New York! "iWindow New York" is the second in a series of our iPhone-based virtual webcam simulators. It reflects the actual time and weather in New York and displays it on the iPhone.

1. New Features The new Time Warp feature allows the user to change the time within iWindow.

A soft and subtle classic title screen   Get real-time New York local weather information and adjust the time using the new "Time Warp" feature.   2. Characteristics   < Oil painting-like graphics > The view is not like a photograph, but more like a painting.

The soft tone of the graphics give the game a delicate look.

  < Enjoy the changes in weather and seasons > Everyday life is not the same in iWindow.

This game goes and gets real-time weather information on New York and implements it into the game.

Also, enjoy the seasonal differences and changes in scenery on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas.

  < If you get bored with the scenery > Try and find the hidden interactions throughout the game.

Touch a horse driven carriage or the sky.

This is not just your normal simulator.

  < BGM > You may now change the background music and your favorite play music from your iPod. Tap the screen to find hidden interactions within the game. Play your favorite music.

  Site Name: AppStore Price: Lite Version is Free Full Version price TBA * The Lite version and Full version will differ in content.

Platforms: iPhone 3GS / iPhone 3G / iPod touch How to Access: PC>iTunes>iTunesStore>App Store Platform>App Store   About the corporation Landho is a company that develops television games and television programs. It has experience developing games on various platforms such as Playstation 3, Wii. Nintendo DS, PSP, and cell phones. Television programs include both over-the-air analog and digital television programs as well as satellite and cable television.


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