DocBunker Personal Information Manager Now Available from GoingPaperLess, Inc.

“Graphics” and “Cybernetics” transform how personal information is managed and secured with the all new DocBunker from GoingPaperLess, Inc. DocBunker is a secured, portable management solution that allows users to safely store personal information and documents without fear of theft.

Software development company GoingPaperLess, Inc. announces the upcoming launch of DocBunker™, a secured personal information manager and document management solution for paper-based documents. Even with advancements in technology, the back door to any PC isn’t just unlocked — it’s wide open, meaning the eyes of unscrupulous people can watch anybody’s keystrokes and mouse clicks, and access files to capture personal information and details. DocBunker is designed to protect this private information and ensure the security of its users.

DocBunker was designed with the individual user in mind, to empower individuals with the ability to secure and protect all of their personal information, and then put that information at their fingertips. This is done with a unique combination of hardware and software providing manageability, portability and high grade security.

Manageability: To maintain eternal vigilance of personal information, one must be organized. DocBunker’s heavy emphasis on visual graphical representations transforms the way its users organize, manage and view information and documents.

These graphical representations are what set DocBunker apart from other document management systems on the market today. Managing information with the use of graphical objects gives users that “real world” feel, thus making it much easier to search, organize and learn. Other features include: the use of linkages between information and documents; export and import tools; the locking and securing of individual documents; plus an enhanced scanning interface, which makes the importation of paper-based documents a snap. The basic package includes the tools needed for organizing and managing all the information in a person’s life.

Included in the application is a special bonus feature “FamilyTree”
Portability: DocBunker’s small size makes it convenient to place in a purse or briefcase when in a hurry. The ability to go anywhere and plug in to any PC to view personal information with complete security — leaving absolutely no residue behind — makes this product priceless.

Security: DocBunker’s solution to security is to take personal information off an unsecured computer and then place it into a completely secured environment. This is all done with its sleek 3×5 portable PersonalVault device. It contains a 32gb flash drive for storage and a high grade biometrics reader for personal access. Once a user stores all of his or her information on PersonalVault, the only access to that information is through the PersonalVault’s biometrically secured interface. Through the use of Cybernetics, which is a combination of human DNA (personal biometrics) and device DNA (hardware genetics), eliminating the need for passwords.


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