3Com’s H3C Enterprise Network Portfolio selected by Brazil’s Court

3Com Corporation
announced it has won a significant contract to
supply the Court of Justice in the state of São Paulo, Brazil with its
portfolio of next-generation, H3C high-end multi-service routing
switches. 3Com won this contract in a highly competitive bid against
its top competitors. The Court’s IT team believes the new H3C network
will improve network reliability and availability for the Court by 30
percent improving the information flow from the data center to court
safe-rooms in more than 700 buildings in 300 locations.

With operations spanning across the state, the Court needed an
advanced enterprise networking solution to replace the slow and
inefficient network equipment that no longer met the institution’s
needs. With the new, faster H3C network from 3Com, authorized Court
employees will have access to a high availability network that offers
leading price-performance advantages and supports mission critical law
enforcement applications and standard work processes, without
compromising security and reliability.

"We needed to partner with a company that could provide us with a
host of high-quality enterprise networking solutions — from switching
to network management solutions to comprehensive intelligence and
analysis tools for problem detection and resolution," said Adriano
Breviglieri, director of IT and Communications, Court of Justice.
"After carefully evaluating alternative solutions, we knew 3Com could
offer the breadth of capabilities we needed, coupled with the network
speed, efficiency, integration experience, and price-for-performance
advantages we wanted. 3Com quickly emerged as the leading choice for
this important upgrade for our community."

The Court is implementing:

  • H3C S9500 and H3C S7500 series switches, which support information
    flow at the Data Center, court safe-rooms, and other buildings at the
    Court House.
  • H3C S5600 Gigabit and H3C S3600-EI series switches deployed at the network edge.

These solutions will integrate with more than 200 application
servers providing mission critical database services such as
Intranet/Internet portal services, the Electronic Justice Journal, and
Digital Process. Prior to this implementation with 3Com, the Court of
Justice used legacy Layer 2 switching technology that could no longer
meet increased service level agreements.

"The Court of Justice needed to not only improve its network speed
and performance, but also increase efficiency in all its work
processes," said Robert Ruiz, vice president and general manager, 3Com
Latin America. "The Court’s IT and Communication Infrastructure
Department sought to obtain the best solution available through an open
bid, to guarantee integration and optimum network performance and 3Com
proved it had the solutions to deliver."


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