Internet Advertising technology, Adzzoo, guarantees businesses Page One webpage placement on Google

Georgia Businessman Randy Watson has tapped the newest Internet Advertising technology, Adzzoo, which guarantees businesses Page One webpage placement on Google. Traditionally, Page One placement required large expenditures on the part of the business owner for Google Adwords and/or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With this new technology, Geo-targeting drives traffic to small businesses based on a specific geographic radius for a fixed monthly fee. Sales Reps earn a commission as long as the client utilizes Adzzoo. "A Google search is the yellow pages for the 21st century," Mr. Watson says. "Now small to large business owners can benefit from Google searches by appearing on Page One when a local search is made by a potential customer. This technology levels the playing field for the smaller business owner."

For the millions in this country desperate for answers on career options a Georgia entrepreneur is bringing instant hope with the rollout of his business concept built around the exploding internet marketing industry. "When you have a combination in place that helps business owners to increase their marketing presence with a business concept that allows individuals from all walks of life to create a lucrative home based business you have the combination that will create new standards for entrepreneurs," said Randy Watson.

Randy Watson is a resident of Atlanta and has a business background that has been focused for over two decades on Wall Street and the Real Estate Industry. "Real Estate has been my passion," said Watson, "and I’ve been very lucky to have created a very successful track record both as an Investor and Agent. But with the obvious challenges that have occurred in that industry I needed to diversify and the most logical answer after many hours of research was based on offering an effective marketing concept that will help business owners create a better internet presence. That goal has been achieved with the rollout that is generating great feedback from Georgia to California."


Watson provides to business owners a simple technology driven format that will allow small and medium sized businesses to compete on the same playing field as Fortune 500 companies. "The beauty of the internet allows a one person operation to have an equal presence with that of a large corporation," said Watson, "but the obvious question of time and money is a major concern but I have the solution with my program as I offer a complete managed and fully optimized Google (along with partners) advertising campaign that guarantees a Page One web presence on Google at affordable rates."

"For the small business owner, it’s a well known fact that traditional advertising techniques such as mass mailers (which get trashed), mass emails (which are caught and trashed by sophisticated spam filters) and newspaper and magazine ads are clearly obsolete," Watson says. "Whether someone is searching for a furniture repair store, auto mechanic or restaurant, the search takes place on the internet."

Besides offering a solution to critical online marketing concepts Watson offers an easy to duplicate business model for all entrepreneurs geared toward creating a long term lucrative residual income. "With nearly 50% of the small to medium sized businesses having no online presence it is easy to see the potential," said Watson, "especially when you analyze that nearly 70% of consumers use the internet for product searches. The challenge of how to implement technology to drive customers to a company specific website is the main focus of my technology and the financial reward package for associates is the best in the Industry with high commission payouts and very generous bonus overrides for those interested in building up their own team of sales associates. My program reminds me so much of that famous line from the movie FIELD OF DREAMS: BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME and that is exactly what I help business owners do every day!!!"


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