Kazakhtelecom Launches High-Speed Internet-Protocol-Based Services with Cisco Next-Generation

Kazakhtelecom and Cisco, in collaboration with the AMT Group, today announced
that JSC Kazakhtelecom has deployed a Cisco Internet Protocol Next-Generation
Network (IP NGN) based on Cisco optical networking
and routing technologies. Project design and implementation was carried out by
the specialists of AMT Group, a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, based in

The solution enables Kazakhtelecom to take advantage of its existing fiber
optic infrastructure in Almaty and to offer Internet-based services to business
and residential customers. These services include high-speed Internet access
with integrated voice, video and data; virtual private network (VPN) offerings
for businesses; Cisco TelePresenceTM virtual meetings,
and IPTV.

Key Facts / Highlights:

  • This IP NGN deployment represents the first fully integrated IP over dense
    wavelength division-multiplexing (IPoDWDM) network in the Commonwealth of
    Independent States (CIS) and in respect of some innovative IPoDWDM features, it
    is one of the first worldwide. The optical and IP layers have been completely
    integrated, with the optical layer providing increased capacity and
    availability, whilst the IP layer is the platform for Internet-based services.
  • In addition to the ability to launch new services for customers, the
    solution brings significant savings in capital and operating expenditures
    resulting from the integration of advanced DWDM optical transmitters into the
    routers, simplified network management, and reduced rack space and power
  • Kazakhtelecom’s Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS)
    core infrastructure in Almaty runs on the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System
    platform. The next-generation optical transport network is based on DWDM
    infrastructure, equipped with the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform.
  • The DWDM technology utilizes reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer
    (ROADM) devices implementing omnidirectional capabilities and virtual
    transponder functionalities. This provides maximum flexibility (any service can
    be provisioned and delivered end-to-end from the centralized Cisco transport
    management system), scalability (up to 3.2 terabits per second) and resiliency
    (network survivability from multiple simultaneous failures).
  • In May, Cisco and Kazakhtelecom announced that
    they are extending their cooperation and work on a number of new initiatives.
    These are designed to help Kazakhtelecom develop integrated services
    for its private, institutional and enterprise customers, both domestically and
    internationally. The current deployment is an important milestone of the
    cooperation, which is aimed at bringing the most innovative networking
    technologies to Kazakhstan.

Supporting Quotes:


  • Alexander Lezgovko, chief technology officer, Kazakhtelecom

    "This project is part of a complex program for the modernization of the
    telecom infrastructure in Almaty and of Kazakhtelecom’s general development
    strategy. In the competitive situation at the telecom market, we need to retain
    existing subscribers and attract new ones. To achieve this, Kazakhtelecom is
    implementing programs to increase the quality of service, broaden the service
    portfolio, and establish a process for quickly and professionally addressing
    potential issues."

    "In Almaty we have the largest demand for our network capacities, so we
    initially need the new network here. Increasing subscriber satisfaction,
    introducing new services, and growing our client base are important focus areas,
    supported by the latest innovations from Cisco, the world’s leading networking
    company, and the experience of our partner AMT Group. This project is unique in
    terms of complexity and high technological efficiency. It enables simple
    maintenance, high reliability and scalability."

    "The new network will help us retain a leading position in the fixed
    telephony market, build a mass market for broadband Internet access, and fully
    digitalize the local network. The network forms the transport base for
    multimedia services like high-speed Internet, interactive television,
    next-generation telephony and VPN services. It provides high quality and
    readiness for the growth of our subscriber base and for the implementation of
    new services."

  • Vyacheslav Allenov, deputy general manager, AMT Group

    "We were happy to participate in the planning and implementation of
    Kazakhtelecom’s network of the future.  As IP traffic is growing rapidly and new
    services appear, there is a need for significant network scalability and
    flexibility. However, such an investment requires the maximum usage of resources
    and minimum cost of scalability within the next several years. This task can be
    solved by using integrated, intelligent optical transport solutions like the
    Cisco IPoDWDM MPLS/DWDM network built by our company for Kazakhtelecom in
    Almaty. We believe that this successful implementation will serve as a basis for
    development of next-generation optical transport networks."

  • Aidar Dauletov, general manager, Cisco Kazakhstan

    "As one of the critical ingredients for this IP NGN network, the Cisco
    IPoDWDM architecture offers Kazakhtelecom the optimum combination of
    flexibility, capacity and future-proofing, enabling it to accelerate the
    introduction of innovative services that will allow for increased productivity
    and collaboration among businesses and end users alike."


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