Motorola and Siemens Bring Innovative Wireless Networking Solutions to the Transportation Market

Siemens Industry, Inc., an industry leader in providing intelligent transportation solutions, today announced that the business unit  Siemens Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS) has joined Motorola, Inc.’s (NYSE: MOT) award-winning channel program as a value added reseller (VAR) in North America. Siemens will now be able to offer its customers the flexibility of using Motorola’s innovative and field-proven wireless broadband solutions to help meet their connectivity needs.

“For many cities, the cost to implement technology that can improve the management of congestion, reduce fuel usage and improve environmental conditions has been out of reach due to budget constraints,” said Christy Peebles, general manager for (ITS), Siemens Industries, Inc. “ Motorola’s wireless networking solutions, together with Siemens’ value added services, will allow agencies to implement the advanced communications required for peek performing traffic management systems at a fraction of traditional leased-line rates with a return on investment typically in less than 12 months.”

The rapid innovation in intelligent transportation systems (ITS), including advanced traffic management solutions and video security systems that help detect safety issues along roads or enable remote monitoring of critical infrastructure such as bridges, is exposing the need for connectivity solutions that are flexible and reliable. The ability to connect these applications using wireless technology is making the new breakthroughs a reality in a timely and cost-effective manner. Motorola’s wireless broadband solutions have been field-proven across the world, helping customers deploy ITS applications, manage traffic signals, extend their fiber networks, and replace costly leased T1 lines in a highly reliable and very cost effective manner.

Siemens future development efforts will integrate the wireless communication devices directly into on-street traffic management products.  Through integrated communications, agencies can save even more by reducing hardware and power consumption requirements.

"Motorola’s worldwide network of best-in-class channel partners delivers industry-leading enterprise mobility solutions that empower customers with real-time information for better decisions and better results,” said Mark Kroh, vice president of North America Channels, Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions. “Our end-to-end wireless broadband portfolio enhances Siemens’ advanced intelligent transportation technologies through solutions that provide wireless agility and enable innovative ITS applications.”



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