Arkeia Software Delivers Free Virtual Appliance for Backup

Arkeia Software, a leading provider of fast, easy-to-use and affordable network
backup solutions, today announced the availability of a no-cost virtual
appliance designed to back up virtual machines. The new Arkeia Virtual Appliance
Free Use Edition bundles software to implement a robust backup solution that
enables enterprises with VMware to extend improvements in hardware operating
efficiency to data protection while saving time and money.

The Arkeia Virtual Appliance Free Use Edition delivers Arkeia Network Backup
software on a backup-optimized Linux operating system packaged in a VMware
virtual machine, providing users with all the necessary components required to
protect a small virtualized environment. Perpetual licenses are included at no
cost for disk-based backups of two virtual machines. The Arkeia Virtual
Appliance can be deployed in both VMware ESX and ESXi virtual environments and
can be upgraded to protect larger VMware environments.

The Arkeia Virtual Appliance Free Use Edition includes the following
perpetual licenses and support for Arkeia Network Backup 8.1:

  • 1 Arkeia Backup Server (a virtual appliance) for VMware ESX or ESXi,
  • 2 Arkeia Backup Agents for two virtual machine clients for file-level backup
    of guest machines (e.g. Windows servers and desktops, Linux, BSD),
  • Disk backup with up to 250GB capacity,
  • Technical Support via on-line forums, knowledgebase, and wiki.

"Virtualization creates opportunities for cost-savings and increased
flexibility. Virtualized deployment of backup servers represents low-hanging
fruit on both fronts," said Bill Evans, CEO of Arkeia Software. "Backup servers
are ideal for virtualization because they are usually under heaviest load at
night, when most other applications are lightly used. A virtual-appliance
strategy also allows companies to rapidly deploy and scale additional resources
on the fly as virtual environments grow and change."

Virtual Appliance for Backup Saves Time and Improves Protection

The Arkeia Virtual Appliance Free Use Edition makes it easy for companies to
take full advantage of their move to virtualization. The new solution saves
time, improves data protection, and makes it easy to get started with a more
modern approach to backup.

Because the Arkeia Virtual Appliance Free Use Edition can be deployed with
just a few clicks, companies save time by not having to deal with additional
hardware, installations or upgrades of an operating system, and associated
software packages. The solution is free, which means the cost barrier to
protecting virtual machines has been removed, and companies can protect more
data than ever before. Because the virtual appliance can easily scale
horizontally and vertically, companies can grow their backup infrastructure as
their VMware environments grow. Individual appliances can scale to support
terabytes of backup data. Multiple appliances can be deployed rapidly as
business requirements demand. All instances of Arkeia Network Backup, including
virtual appliances, physical appliances, and software installations, can be
centrally managed.

Arkeia Virtual Appliance Free Use Edition is available now with a verified
registration at:


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