ANKAMA Announces Highly Anticipated Launch of DOFUS 2.0

ANKAMA is pleased to announce today
that DOFUS 2.0, a game-changing update to the popular tactical MMORPG, has been
officially launched worldwide. DOFUS is one of the top five online games in the
world with an amazing base of 25 million players, and is translated in seven
different languages throughout the world.

DOFUS 2.0 delivers a unique gaming
and entertainment experience for newcomers. Filled with eye-popping manga-inspired
visuals and performance upgrades, the launch of 2.0 revolutionizes the DOFUS
experience. The graphic engine, server and client code have been completely
rewritten to offer a wealth of detail and an unparalleled gaming experience.

“DOFUS 2.0 marks a very significant
time for us as it is truly the most important update the game has ever seen,
allowing us to deliver a whole new experience for players,” said Cedric Gerard,
International Marketing Manager at ANKAMA. “It brings a wealth of enhancements
to a vibrant world that millions of players have made a remarkable online
community over the past four years, so we’re incredibly pleased and look forward
to DOFUS 2.0s reception amongst gamers.”

DOFUS stands apart in the crowded
MMORPG field as half video game and half interactive cartoon, delivering an
engaging concept in online gaming unlike anything on the market. Its beautiful
manga-inspired graphics, robust tactical and turn-based gameplay and
one-of-a-kind offbeat humor helps to further set it apart from other MMORPGs.
Players can choose sides in an epic war and battle to conquer new territories,
as well as choose from 12 unique character classes and participate in robust
community-driven crafting systems, economies, guilds and alliances.

Set in a magical fantasy world,
Amakna, where adventurers set off to recover the six missing Dofus’ – magical
Dragon’s eggs – with hidden, mysterious powers that captivate any who behold
them. Along the way players will experience a beautiful online world and meet
others – friends and foes – who will help enhance and affect their gameplay

DOFUS 2.0 is set to engage new
players via the all-new additions, as well as the critically-acclaimed,
turn-based combat, compelling story, whimsical humor and community-driven
economies and adventure. The game features a free to play section, along with a
varied subscription model which allows gamers the flexibility to play as they

Developed and published by ANKAMA,
DOFUS 2.0 is available now at


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