Super Talent Launches CFast Storage Card

Talent, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM
memory modules, proudly released a brand new compact digital storage
product line, CFast storage cards. Just like the traditional SD card
and its enhanced version, SDHC, the CFast storage card, with SATA
interface, has improved, unmatched write/read performance speeds.

Talent CFast storage card is an evolution of the traditional
CompactFlash card which has been in the industry for over 14 years,
satisfying storage needs for mobile digital devices such as PDAs,
digital cameras, etc. CFast has
a bandwidth of 375MB/s which is four times more than the fastest High
Speed 600x (90MB/s) CompactFlash card while still keeping the small
original CF mechanical form factor. The new CFast storage card breaks
the speed bottleneck between the SSD and the device by using a SATA
interface. Super Talent has clocked these CFast cards at up to
200MB/sec read speeds. With Super a Talent CFast storage card
installed, there will be no waiting time for the camera to catch up,
and it will be much swifter to view pictures on a camera or to copy
them to computer.

36.4 x 42.8 x 3.3mm for Type I CFast storage cards and 36.4 x 42.8 x
5.0mm for Type II, the same physical dimensions as the CompactFlash
card, the CFast Storage Card has a single-chip controller and flash
memory module. The SATA interface consists of a 7-pin signal connector
and a 17-pin power and control connector. The card operates at 3.3V.

Talent is offering five different CFast storage cards, 8GB and 16GB
based on SLC (Single Level Cell) flash and 8GB, 16GB and 32GB based on
MLC (Multi Level Cell) flash. The first generation of CFast storage
cards supports transfer speeds up to 200MB/s.


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