Hynix CEO Jong-Kap Kim wins 2009 Akira Inoue Award

Hynix Semiconductor Inc. announced
Jong-Kap Kim, CEO of Hynix has been awarded ‘2009 Akira Inoue Award’
sponsored by the industry association SEMI, honoring for the best
industry’s Environment, Health and Security (‘EHS’) performance.

According to SEMI, Dr. Kim has been selected since he showed
outstanding leadership in influencing the industry’s EHS performance
with various activities such as developing ‘Eco-friendly’ products and
establishing systems for the EHS area. “Despite many challenges in the
semiconductor industry over the years, Hynix has made efforts to
continuously perform the environment management,” Stanley Myers,
President and CEO of SEMI said.

Hynix has contributed to make a sustainable environment under the
company’s core strategy ‘environment management’. “Hynix will further
enhance our efforts on ‘Environmental Management’ and be committed to
working on this indispensable responsibility to protect the most
valuable environmental assets as well as playing a valuable role to
contribute to our industry,” Jong-Kap Kim, CEO of Hynix said.

The ‘Akira Inoue Award’ was established by SEMI to recognize
individuals in industry and academia, who have made significant
contributions to the semiconductor industry and to society in the area
of EHS.


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