Mapcom Partnership with Magellan Professional

Mapcom Systems, developers of the M4 Solutions, announced their partnership with Magellan Professional.
This union allows Mapcom Systems the opportunity to resell Magellan’s
handheld GPS unit, the MobileMapper CX. As a reseller, Mapcom Systems
can become the single point of focus for all their customers’ GPS needs.

The ease of use of the MobileMapper CX reduces mapping time while
facilitating the inclusion of accurate plant and miscellaneous field
data. The effortlessness of the data capture process affords
technicians the ability to gather and anticipate all field elements.
"The incorporation of the MobileMapper CX has cut the fielding and
drawing time in half," stated Brian Vance, Engineer for Armstrong
Telephone Company. "The freedom of no longer having to draw everything
on paper has allowed our company to become aware of items in the field
that we would have not captured otherwise," said Vance.

The sub-meter accuracy and real-time correction of the MobileMapper
CX eliminates the need for post-processing. After collection, data is
immediately ready for inclusion in the M4 project or import. Mapcom
Systems’ partnership with Magellan has anticipated all caveats of the
data importation process. The translation process could not be easier.
Vance explained, "All I have to do is upload the field data and the map
is practically complete. It is so simple that with very little training
anyone can look like an expert."

"We are pleased to be a reseller of Magellan field collection
products and believe the integration of our M4 Solutions Suite with the
MobileMapper CX represents a tremendous savings opportunity for our
customers," said Mapcom CEO John Granger in making the announcement.

Committed to being a "best of breed" solution, Mapcom Systems
configures each Magellan MobileMapper CX with a custom data dictionary,
ensuring that each client has a solution designed just for them. Rugged
and waterproof, the durability of the MobileMapper CX can accommodate
any field environment a technician or engineer might encounter.


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