Installing Windows 7 On Samsung Notebook Or Netbook, Register For The Windows 7 Upgrade

In participating with the Windows 7 upgrade program, any Samsung
notebook PCs purchased from June 26th, 2009 thru January 31st, 2010
will be eligible for a Windows 7 upgrade media. A proof of purchase
during the eligible period needs to be submitted in the form of a
purchase receipt. Any notebook PCs purchased outside the period is not
eligible for the program. Please keep the Windows Vista Certificate of
Authenticity label located on the bottom of the notebook PC, as you
will need to input the product key on the label when registering for
the upgrade program. Samsung Notebook PCs with Windows Vista Home
Premium are eligible for Windows 7 Home Premium edition and Windows
Vista Business models are eligible for Windows 7 Professional. For
further support, contact 1-800-SAMSUNG.

 Warning: The RECOVERY OEM (Reserved) partition must not be deleted!
When installing Windows 7 on a notebook or netbook computer, you
are given the option of which drive to install Windows on. During this
step, you can optionally delete and recreate partitions. If the
RECOVERY partition is deleted, Samsung Recovery Solution will no longer
function. Once deleted, there is no way to recreate the RECOVERY


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