Shaun White Snowboarding Origins comes to iPhone

The snowboarding game comes to mobile phone from Apple.

Ubisoft tells that along this month of December there will the game Shaun White Snowboarding Origins for iPhone But
do not know if it’s compatible with iPod Touch. It has great potential as
both devices share a high percentage of applications.

is proud to present Shaun White Snowboarding Origins for iPhone,
created thanks to collaboration with Advanced Mobile Applications, a
company responsible for developing and publishing the game in this new

It is expected that the launch of Shaun White
Snowboarding Origins worldwide take place in December, closely
following the launch of the console version of Ubisoft. This title will
match up with Shaun White to reflect iPhone, and shall include
monitoring the Shaun fan community.

The game will present a
unique experience snowboarders, designed specifically for the iPhone,
will have the following characteristics:

• Four tracks of snow located in different corners of the world – Chile, Japan, Spain and USA.
• Powerful 3D graphics and video quality
• Free Control

Option of sharing gameplay challenges, ratings and tips with your
friends and the rest of the world, which includes a table ranking
points worldwide
• The ability to test and snowboarders performing
tricks both ollies, tail grabs, melon and indy grabs, as well as twists
and somersaults!


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