Vector Networks PC-Duo remote control v11.5

Vector Networks, a leader in desktop asset and service management solutions, today announced PC-Duo v11.5 with support for Windows 7, Macs, and Linux as well as significant enhancements to functionality and connectivity.

PC-Duo has longstanding reputation for providing enterprise class PC remote control for Windows. The support of Windows 7 in v11.5 continues that tradition. The addition of PC-Duo’s support for VNC-based connections to Macs and Linux desktop or server systems makes this version a truly heterogeneous desktop remote control solution.

The new version also now supports RDP, enabling an RDP session running in the background on a remote system, where it is not locally visible or accessible, to be viewed and shared via PC-Duo. By providing this new compatibility with Microsoft’s remote desktop protocol, PC-Duo offers more value for both the user support and remote system admin teams.

With increasing concerns over data security compliance, PC-Duo’s ability to archive session recordings is becoming more popular with customers. It is important to be able to demonstrate that, for example, no sensitive patient data was visible during a remote control support session with a health worker. To increase the flexibility of access for suitably privileged users, screen session recordings can now be viewed over HTTP.
With Microsoft Active Directory increasingly being used to manage software deployments, particularly in larger installations, PC-Duo v11.5 now also takes advantage of the organization’s Active Directory in deploying the PC-Duo Host agent.



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