unveils site redesign that reflects status as respected curator of original content

Online magazine Suite101 (, has launched a fresh modern website redesign today in response to direct requests from the freelance writing community and feedback from online readers., which was recently named one of the ten fastest growing websites for U.S. visitors, is rapidly becoming one of the most respected curators of original content. The redesign of was guided by the principle that good design should highlight Suite101 writers and their work.

"The state of online publishing has evolved rapidly over the last few years. Suite101 has grown enormously as a community and as a business," said Peter Berger, President and CEO of Media Inc. "Expectations from readers and writers have risen accordingly. We decided to evolve our layout and design to match our reputation as one of the most respected expert advice or ‘how-to’ sites in the business." The development team for reviewed input from more than 500 writers and editors around the world over the course of several months. Feedback tools and surveys were used in combination with exhaustive analysis based on hard metrics. Significant changes to include the following: 1) Creating a new homepage to showcase professional writers and high quality content.

2) Redesigning the article page to increase readers’ attention on article text and graphics.

3) Reducing visual clutter throughout the site to make reading articles easier, more enjoyable.

4) Upgrading images to an easier-to-view rectangular format to make it more appealing for readers.

5) Modifying site navigation so it’s more helpful for people searching for specific writers and articles.

6) Creating a new page framework to help writers earn more revenue through increased monetization opportunities.

7) Launching a new brand image to better communicate’s mission to create opportunities for writers.

Early testing shows major improvements in site navigation and time spent by readers on the site. This enhanced engagement with readers serves Suite101 writers by increasing page views and potential advertising revenues. The new design also makes possible the introduction of new display options and advertising installations, which will directly benefit the writing community by multiplying their revenue streams.

By presenting articles in a modern, professional context, Suite101 aims to elevate their writers’ status as authoritative experts while increasing the level of trust among readers. Suite101 is accepted as a legitimate source of high quality information. The site redesign reflects this by adopting a clear, modern, straightforward design interface.

As part of launching a fresh new look, will be searching for a fresh new tagline to go with it. Details about a crowd-sourced tagline contest will be released shortly on

More About is known in the online writing world as a respected site where freelance writers and journalists, as well as home-based experts, write and publish short fact-based articles. Suite101 features 20 sections such as Business & Finance, Film & TV, Health & Wellness, Travel, and Food & Drink. New articles are posted daily and advertising revenue is shared with writers. This "dividend" or royalty style payment happens each month even if a writer adds no new articles. In July 2009, a 29 year-old part-time Suite101 writer set a monthly earnings record of $5,000 from her articles on


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