Ciplex Unveils World’s First Full Multi-Touch Web Experience

Ciplex, a leading provider of next generation user experiences, is announcing the world’s first full multi-touch web experience that the company created with Windows 7 and Silverlight for SilverPAC, a developer of innovative and cutting-edge products and solutions for the consumer electronics market.

— Ciplex worked with a beta version of Windows 7, as well as multi-touch enabled hardware, and created the first Silverlight multi-touch application for the web.

— As the first developer leveraging Windows 7 and Silverlight to build a multi-touch web site, Ciplex is leading a new era of interacting with and accessing information on the Internet.

— Similar to the touch-screen capabilities now available on mobile phones, users can use their fingers to click SilverPAC’s web pages, drag and drop products, rotate, zoom, and more by simply touching the computer screen on multi-touch enabled devices and hardware.

— The advent of multi-touch for a website, and Ciplex’s innovative implementation of it, heralds a new way for users to access information more intuitively without the need of a mouse, or even a personal computer since these capabilities can be implemented on any multi-touch enabled surface.

— Ciplex’s cutting-edge design with multi-touch technology also delivers a dramatic expansion of creative options, easier and faster browsing, and a positive brand impact for organizations to connect with customers.

— With the SilverPAC site already live, Ciplex plans to user their knowledge of multi-touch development to create more websites that will keep pace with the growing number of compatible hardware.

— To view the SilverPAC site in action please view our YouTube video: Supporting Quotes — "With the advent of multi-touch enabled software and hardware, 2010 will be the dawn of a new era in human-to-computer user interface — the beginning of Minority Report type UIs," said Nikola Mickic, CTO, Ciplex.

"Users will no longer be limited by a simple keyboard and mouse, dramatically changing their experiences, allowing them to become a lot faster, and work more intuititively." — "Working with SilverPAC was an amazing opportunity for Ciplex to push the traditional web boundaries and take advantage of Silverlight, Windows 7, and multi-touch capabilities, even while it was still in beta form," said Ilya Pozin, CEO, Ciplex. "We believe we have created a web experience like no other and one that truly redefines how a user interacts with the web. The technology industry is at the tipping point for rapid growth of multi-touch, and we are thrilled that we could deliver the first full implementation of it for the web." — "We are very pleased with our collaboration on this project and hope to drive additional awareness of the new Microsoft 7 interactive features that will enhance our companies branding and placement in the world of embedded and multi-touch devices," states Max Chin Strategic Advisor for SilverPac. "We firmly believe we have the world’s first multi-touch site because of the very talented design team at Ciplex."


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