ICEfaces Releases ICEfaces EE (Enterprise Edition)

New commercial product provides significant features and benefits to enterprise users.

ICEsoft Technologies Inc., a leading provider of standards-compliant, Ajax-based solutions for developing and deploying Java EE, rich Internet applications (RIA), recently announced the availability of ICEfaces® EE (Enterprise Edition). The new commercially-licensed version of the award-winning open-source product provides additional features and benefits targeted at robust and scalable enterprise application deployments.

"ICEfaces EE is a commercial software product that extends the ICEfaces open-source project to provide advanced enterprise features and benefits," states Brian McKinney, President and CEO of ICEsoft. “The Enterprise Edition of ICEfaces is specifically tailored to fit the needs and wants of organizations seeking a robust, fully-supported, and production-ready RIA framework that will perform and scale. ICEfaces EE also fills a gap in the ICEfaces portfolio for customers looking to adopt a commercial product,” says McKinney.

ICEfaces EE is a fully-tested and certified enterprise-grade solution ideal for companies that require a fully supported production platform with guaranteed SLA response times, from development through to production. ICEfaces EE is best suited for organizations that need/want:


  • an enterprise-ready framework that has been extensively tested and certified
  • to integrate with Java EE open source and commercial software products
  • to be professionally supported with committed SLA response times
  • access to advanced composite components
  • access to the latest certified release, emergency patches, and custom builds
  • to be supported on previous versions of ICEfaces EE
  • assistance with Functional and Load Testing
  • scale complex applications featuring Ajax-push in clustered, highly-available environments with failover

“One of the many new features of ICEfaces EE is the Enterprise Push Server,” adds McKinney. "The Enterprise Push Server provides scalable, distributed support for clustered Ajax Push deployments across the major open source and commercial application servers. The availability of the Enterprise Push Server puts ICEfaces Ajax Push in a league of its own," states McKinney.


In addition to the Enterprise Push server, ICEfaces EE now also offers a complete suite of advanced Composite Components. Built on Facelet technology, the ICEfaces Composite Component Library is a commercial offering comprised of over 30 complex, composite components that allow developers to enrich their applications while saving man-weeks of development effort. Demo the ICEfaces Composite Components here:

More detailed information on ICEfaces EE is available here: .

The features and functionality of the open-source version of ICEfaces remain unchanged. ICEfaces is still available to all under the very liberal Mozilla Public (MPL) license.

Price and Availability
ICEfaces EE 1.8.2 is available now. ICEfaces EE subscriptions start at $499/year.


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