Web adds a million sites a month

At least five million websites have come up in the last five months, making a total of at least 55 million active sites, according to the latest data from network security vendor Netcraft.

Netcraft issues a monthly survey of websites, looking at web server software usage on internet-connected computers, collecting and collating as many hostnames as can be found providing an HTTP service. Each is systematically polled with an HTTP request for the server name.The October survey received responses from 55,388,466 sites, a gain of 981,000 from the September survey, continuing the recent trend in which there have been nearly a million sites added each month.

News source: Sydney Morning Herald Netcraft said the expansion from 45 million to 50 million sites also took just five months – December 2003 to May 2004. The first Netcraft survey in August 1995 found 18,957 hosts.

The survey found that web server market share had been mostly static, with no developer seeing a shift of more than seven-hundredths of a percent. A total of 704,000 sites running Apache and 176,000 running Microsoft’s IIS had come online in the last month but there was little or no movement in market share.

This has been the case since November 2003 with Apache adding 7.3 million sites and Microsoft servers 2.2 million without disturbing the figures.


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