USB 3.0 Demonstration of performance in video

USB 3.0: Demonstration of performance in video

Super Talent specializing in storage products based on flash memory, will entice consumers with a small demonstration that allows the USB 3.0

As the first USB 3.0 branded products begin to appear (it can evoke a motherboard Asus high-end, an expansion card Sharkoon, an OCZ SSD and a Blu-ray Buffalo), promising better performance than their counterparts USB 2.0, Super Talent will entice the general public and professionals by showing them what makes this new standard.

In a video filmed in house and posted on the YouTube platform, the manufacturer presents a test of a USB 64 GB USB 3.0 compatible, compared with rates measured in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

When the USB key is plugged into USB 2.0 transfer speed capped at 31 MB / s read and 23MB / s write. With USB 3.0, they go to 136 Mb / s and 78 Mb / s, increases of approximately 438 and 340%.

If you’re far from that theoretically allows the USB 3.0, the gain in performance is considerable and promises to be more over product development.


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