Guild Wars 2 Images and Videos

After months of silence – the last video was presented at the Gamescom – ArenaNet and NCsoft Koch Media finally call cover. The three partners are effectively distribute a very nice video presentation of their upcoming multiplayer game, the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2.

Through these four minutes, no big revelations, but the synopsis of the game and the introduction of five iconic heroes of all races. Logan Thackeray represents humans, Rytlock Sulfur is a Charr warrior, Eir Stegalkin illustrates the Norn, Asura is a Zojja Caith and personifies the Sylvar.

The graphic style is obviously in the style of the previous installment of its extensions, but technical advances are obvious. We regret however that the trailer ended with no announcement date and the fans will be left to gnaw at the bit for a while!




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