PCmover and DiskImage for Windows 7

PCmover supports full migrations as well as upgrades to Windows 7 from recent versions of Windows, including fast and easy in-place upgrades from XP to Windows 7. Only PCmover can automatically transfer applications, files and settings to a new PC. And only PCmover allows a true in-place upgrade from XP to Windows 7.

“The dilemma Windows XP users are facing is becoming widely known; Microsoft does not support a so-called ‘in-place upgrade’ from XP to Windows 7. Even for Windows Vista users, Microsoft supports upgrades only between certain versions of Vista and Windows 7,” said Thomas Koll, Laplink’s CEO. “Media Markt is the largest retailer of consumer electronics in Europe and we are proud to be serving their customers in this manner.”

Windows 7 reviews have been very positive, but with recent surveys indicating Windows XP is still used on up to 70% of all computers, many users will encounter difficulty in moving to Windows 7.

Berlin-based O&O Software approached Laplink several months ago after discussing with Media Markt the impact that the Windows 7 release would have on existing Windows XP users.

“Media Markt has millions of customers still running Windows XP. When we learned these users could not upgrade to Windows 7, we looked for a solution to present to Media Markt – and we turned to Laplink," said Olaf Kehrer, Managing Director of O&O Software. “If an XP user wants to upgrade their PC to Windows 7 without using PCmover, they are forced to copy all their data to an external hard drive and then after they upgrade, copy everything back. And after all that, they have to reinstall all of their programs! PCmover removes the difficulty and makes the upgrade simple.”

With PCmover, the upgrade process is simple:

1.   Install PCmover, follow the Wizard and select the “in-place” upgrade option.
2.   Install Windows 7 (do not reformat)
3.   Reinstall PCmover and follow the Wizard again.

To move to a new PC, install PCmover on both PCs and run the Wizard.

In either case, PCmover does all the work – automating what would otherwise take many hours and could result in lost data or programs.

“Because PCmover supports in-place upgrades as well as migrating to a new PC, we are recommending PCmover to all our Windows 7 customers, including all our channel partners” continued Kehrer. “No matter how the end user is implementing Windows 7, PCmover makes the move easy.”

PCmover is the only software that can successfully migrate applications, files and settings from an old PC to a new PC. PCmover also is the only software that can perform an in-place upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.

“I credit Media Markt for realizing the problems their customers would face with adopting Windows 7 and looking for a solution," said Koll. “But in this case, it is more than just Laplink. With input from Media Markt and O&O software, we together created the ‘Umzugshilfe’ (Migration Kit) as the total solution for upgrading to Windows 7. By including DiskImage with PCmover, customers can create a full image of their PC or an archive of all their data before they begin using PCmover for the upgrade or migration process.”

Laplink has collaborated with O&O Software in the past and choosing DiskImage to be included in the Migration Kit as a complement to PCmover was an easy decision.

“O&O is a recognized leader in Germany for its imaging technology and their DiskImage product is the perfect companion for PCmover. Customers can use DiskImage to do a complete sector-by-sector image of their computer before the upgrade or migration process is started,” continued Koll. “So, if anything goes wrong or they simply wanted to revert back to the way things were, DiskImage provides that ability – a perfect image can be easily restored. We think that gives Media Markt’s customers peace of mind as they move to Windows 7.”


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