Mozart and Friends A new virtual world

Starting Thanksgiving Weekend, children get to meet and chat with Mozart in “Mellow Drama”, the virtual amphitheater inside SecretBuilders. They are also be able to enter the “Art for Mozart” Contest where they design a poster for Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” while enjoying audio and video clips of the opera, provided by San Francisco Opera. Contest winners will receive a variety of prizes including tickets to an opera.

“SecretBuilders is a world where children live, learn, and play among the concepts and characters from the arts, sciences, and humanities,” said Bob Brattesani, VP of Creative Design, at SecretBuilders. ”Our contests draw tens of thousands of young writers and artists every month. Thanks to our partnership with San Francisco Opera, Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” will now be heard by kids across 50 states, hundreds of schools, and 110 countries.”

David Gockley, General Director of San Francisco Opera, whose virtual avatar will be alongside Mozart welcoming kids to the online contest, is also enthusiastic about this partnership: “We are proud to be among the very first opera houses to make a foray into the virtual world for the sake of extending music appreciation across age, socio-economic, and geographic boundaries. Plus, I am looking forward to rubbing shoulders with Mozart, even if only virtually.”

The contest launch was coincident with San Francisco Opera Education’s special Thanksgiving weekend screenings of “Mozart’s Magic Flute for Families – The Movie!” at the Herbst Theatre on November 27th and 29th.

“We are delighted to attract the next generation of music fans to the Opera," said Ruth Nott, Director of Education at San Francisco Opera. "This Thanksgiving, parents and children enjoyed “The Magic Flute” and then continued their musical discovery and enjoyment online in the virtual world of SecretBuilders


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