Dax Networks reveal DX-2104-NAS

Dax Networks, one of India’s top three networking companies, today launched DX-2104-NAS, a Unified Storage Device. Priced at Rs 1,17,990/-, DX-2104-NAS features in the company’s Networking Infrastructure Solutions range. DX-2104-NAS comes with a populated capacity of 2TB SATA, scalable to 4TB. This device is part of Dax’s portfolio of new-generation Networking Access, Connectivity and Storage products designed for the Indian SMB market.

DX-2104-NAS has a built-in auto desktop/server backup module, enabling rapid backups from individual client machines. It also supports software accelerated RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), ensuring full data redundancy with protection against hardware failure. If one drive fails, the data volumes can still be rebuilt with the remaining drives.


— 64-bit CPU with single/dual storage processors
— Populated capacity of 2TB SATA, scalable to 4TB
— Auto desktop/server backup module
— Software accelerated RAID
— Box based license
— SNAPPICT functionality
— Built-in 4 x USB 2.0 Connectors
— Supports heterogeneous OS

One of the foremost advantages for the business environment is that DX-2104-NAS enables license-based storage on an appliance basis, rather than user basis. The in-built point-in-time snap shots act as a second level of defence against data loss. DX-2104-NAS comes with a 64-bit CPU with single/dual processors, offering rapid accessibility to data.

DX-2104-NAS enables 100% adaptability to different OS environments, increasing data accessibility and management. It is also equipped with IPSAN and iSCSi functionality in a single firmware.

DX-2104-NAS comes with a 2-year carry-in warranty and online support for customers. Dax plans to market this product through its network of Authorized Dax Solution Providers (ADSPs) and system integrators.


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